We are a coordinating alliance of civil-social organizations, foundations, governmental institutions, and private businesses. Together, our aim is to create a network of coordinated solutions for displaced people and refugees. Our current network mainly focuses on organizations that operate in or are based in Germany with some exceptions.

About Alliance4Ukraine

The assault on Ukraine is sending shockwaves across Europe and the entire world. Millions of people are affected by the war and its consequences. While millions of people are being impacted and require immediate help, many businesses and organizations want to contribute their time, skills, and resources. We join forces to quickly and efficiently match qualified needs with individuals and organizations who wish to help and meet those needs.


The Alliance4Ukraine is under the shared patronage of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and Communication, Nancy Faeser, and the Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor and Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Reem Alabali-Radovan.

Alliance4Ukraine Fund

The Alliance4Ukraine Fund allocates financial resources donated by foundations, businesses, and individuals to meet the financial needs of acutely-strained refugee organizations in a quick and flexible manner.

Many refugee organizations need to expand vastly their capacities. Thus, they need financial resources as quickly as possible in order to meet increasing demand. The Alliance4Ukraine Fund is designed to provide these organizations—and already established initiatives—with initial financing or bridge and interim financing.

These organizations depend on donations to facilitate aid that is urgently needed now. Every contribution helps! We thank all organizations and individuals who support the Alliance4Ukraine Fund.

Organizations, that make the Alliance4Ukraine Fund possible

Additional individuals and families have contributed to the Alliance4Ukraine Fund. The Alliance4Ukraine express gratitude to all our donors!

financial resources in the fund
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granted funds for aid-providing organizations

How to donate?

In case you want to contribute financially to the Alliance4Ukraine Fund, kindly transfer funds to:

ProjectTogether gGmbH
IBAN: DE18 5003 1000 1078 9620 00
Purpose of use: “Alliance4Ukraine Fund”

Please contact buchhaltung@projecttogether.org for a receipt.

Additional financial support is urgently needed! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Contact: Philipp von der Wippel
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 609877680

How are resources distributed?

We connect financial resources and volunteer time to heavily-strained organizations.

We will—whenever possible—steer resources toward existing organizations whose solutions are needed now and in the coming months. For this, we facilitate customized time resources of all supporting patrons and distribute the Alliance4Ukraine Fund for initial financing.

Granting of funds

The ProjectTogether team evaluates financial requests and makes recommendations to the Alliance4Ukraine Advisory Council. The Advisory Council consists of donors as well as experts. The Alliance4Ukraine Advisory Council meets regularly via videoconference and makes the final decisions concerning the distribution of funds.

What is the Alliance4Ukraine NOT doing?

We want to avoid redundant structures of support. Therefore, we deliberately do not support the launch of new initiatives, but rather focus on existing and established organizations.

We are not organizing escape routes. Numerous organizations and networks already exist that do this.

We neither connect individual volunteers nor do we coordinate their support, but rather focus on supporting the efforts of organizations, foundations, and businesses.

Focus areas

The Alliance4Ukraine aims to strengthen already existing organizations in Germany, especially those that can help refugees with European Union admission procedures, forms, regulations, housing, etc. Together, our aim is to create a network of coordinated solutions for displaced people and refugees along the following focus areas.

Orientation and information


Provision and basic goods

Volunteer coordination

Mental health care

Medical care and emergency services in Germany

Buddy system and accompaniment

Translations and interpretating

Legal advice


Education and language instruction

Job placement / services


Fake news and hate online

Free press, public relations and PR campaigns

IT Security

Protection of vulnerable groups

Domestic and international transportation

Humanitarian aid at the border to and in Ukraine

Examples of supported initiatives

For a more comprehensive list (only available in German), please view our presentation of initiatives in the Alliance4Ukraine network or the list of initiatives that were granted funding from the Alliance4Ukraine fund.

Focus area

Orientation and information

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher
Neue deutsche Medienmacher e.V.

Community Platform for Refugees from Ukraine

Funding amount

€ 20,000

Focus area

Provision and basic needs


Emergency relief for children from Ukraine

Funding amount

€ 40,000

Focus area

Legal advice

Wefugees gUG

Free legal services for arriving refugees

Funding amount

€ 20,000

Focus area

Education and language

Bildung für alle e.V.

Entry-level language courses for refugees with childcare

Funding amount

€ 15,000

Focus area

Job placement services

Imagine Foundation e.V.

Job matching and coaching for job market integration

Funding amount

€ 15,000

Focus area


PxP Embassy e.V.

Support for refugees (Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color)

Funding amount

€ 20,000

Members of the alliance

… and many more!

All partners of Alliance4Ukraine act independently and do not establish any legal community. All parties act on their own responsibility.

Special thanks to pro bono translation contributors Johannes Schmidt (Professor of German), Michael Meng (Associate Professor of European History), and Steve Marks (Distinguished Alumni Professor of Russian History) for their great support.

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